Quality accounting and economic services

Area of economic activities is one of the most often externally processed areas considering cost savings and especially risk reduction.

Double-entry bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping under the Accounting Law
  • VAT return records and processing
  • Property records
  • Monthly accounting statements, balance sheet, profit and loss statements, balance account
  • Processing of results and cash flow statements
  • Annual financial statements – compilation of annual reports (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes)
  • Calculation of income tax and processing of income tax return
  • Motor vehicle tax, logbook
  • Notification of the client to tax deadlines, tax due dates and tax advances
  • Interim information on the economic result
  • Communication with public and state administration authorities
  • Communication and reporting in English
  • Accounting consulting
  • Accounting reconstruction
  • Other complementary accounting services

Payroll agenda

  • Complete payroll processing: earning records, pay slips, payrolls, monthly recapitulation
  • Processing of monthly reports, registration forms, applications and deregistration for social insurance company
  • Preparation of monthly reports and annual report for the tax office, submission of insurance statements and reports
  • Elaboration of employment contracts, salary assessments
  • Preparation of payment orders for the payment of wages, levies and taxes
  • Elaboration of various certificates and documents for employees, e.g. official purposes – court, loan, credit
  • Records of holidays, family members – for the purpose of granting tax bonus
  • Termination of employment, termination notice, credit of years, confirmation of income
  • Annual settlement of income tax from dependent activity, annual settlement of health insurance
  • Communication with authorities, representation when dealing with insurance companies

Economic agenda

  • Financial analysis processing
  • Elaboration of proposals for solving various economic situations
  • Elaboration of business plans and assistance in negotiations with banks
  • Projection of development of the client’s company
  • Reconstruction of accounting for previous periods, accounting reprocessing
  • Outputs according to the client’s request

Management and consulting

  • Elaboration of internal guidelines for document circulation
  • Development of management systems for selected activities
  • Consulting in the creation of business strategy
  • Guidance for startups
  • Double-entry bookkeeping consultancy
  • Tax consultancy

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