Why external processing of
double-entry bookkeeping?

Why external processing of double-entry bookkeeping?

Internal management of all economic activities entails a large amount of costs. These include labour costs, costs for office premises, hardware and software equipment, training and professional literature and others. When using the services of an external accountant, the company along with the accounting agenda also relieves itself of a significant part of the responsibility. This means, among other things, that the company no longer needs to control if everything is in compliance with constantly changing norms and the minority of duties rests with it. . In addition, our company has entered into liability insurance.

Major arguments speaking for the external processing

  • Accounting is a highly professional activity that involves quite a lot of risks
  • Accounting is probably the only department, for which the state has estblished a separate control body in the form of tax offices and penalies any mistakes quite harshly
  • The resulting risks are often on the verge of further existence/non-existence of the company
  • The fundamental difference between the liability of the internal accountant and the external company is the responsibility for any damage The employee is liable for damaage in amount up to three monthly salaries, the external company will cover significantly higher risks
  • There may be employees with university degree and several years of experience as well as a graduate of a three-week retraining course concealed under the profession of an accountant We are professional accountants and we are can assess the quality of a candidate and a position of the accountant We are professional accountants and we are can assess the quality of a candidate and a position of the accountant. The result is that due to professional knowledge our company accepts one in 50 to 100 candidates.
  • Accounting will cost you several times less than an internal employee (accountant salary costs, courses and trainings, professional literature, PC and economic software costs).
  • You do not have to keep following constantly changing regulations and changes in legislation

Our clients receive accurate information every month/quarter

  • About the state of the company’s assets and liabilities
  • About the economic results of the company
  • About receivables and liabilities of the company
  • A list of notes alerting the client to any discrepancies that we noticed when processing the documents, as well as to the resulting risks and we suggest solutions for their elimination
  • Accounting books are kept in electronic form and are available on CD at any time

The major advantages of double-entry bookkeeping

  • Double-entry bookkeeping compared to single-entry bookkeeping provides much more accurate and comprehensive information about the financial condition of the company
  • Double-entry bookkeeping, unlike single-entry bookkeeping, does not postpone problems into the future (e.g. delivery of assets at the end of the trade)
  • In double-entry bookkeeping there are operations adjusting the economic result, for which there is no equivalent in single-entry bookkeeping
  • The possibility of errors and mistakes is much lower in double-entry bookkeeping

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